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Revolutionizing Education through

AI-Powered Personalization 

Unlock the full potential of your educational institution with Analytikus'

cutting-edge Teaching and Learning and Student Success solutions.

Our Solutions

Student Recruitment Solution

Student Recruitment

Achieve recruitment, admissions, and enrollment goals through personalized outreach and engagement. 

Student Recruitment AI Solution
Student Retention Solution

Student Retention

Retain and advance students towards graduation with a holistic view of the student and predictive analytics to identify when there is a need for intervention.

Student Retention AI Solution
Learning Analytics Solution

Learning Analytics

Harness the wealth of digital signals left behind by students, analyze their unique learning patterns, and offer guidance through our virtual pedagogical bot. 

Learning Analytics AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning Solution

Alumni & Lifelong Learning

Enhance employability and foster lifelong relationships by offering personalized experiences across the entire student journey.

Career Planner  AI Solution

Higher Ed Collaboration Framework

Empower your staff and students with our innovative modules, providing seamless workflows and transformative tools for academic excellence and streamlined administrative processes.

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Empowering Educational Institutions around the world 

TEC de Monterrey - Analytikus
Universidad Europea de Madrid - Analytikus
EAD - Analytikus
Universidad Interamericana para el desarrollo - Analytikus
Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja - Analytikus
UPN  - Analytikus
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