Through Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI Solutions, we empower educational institutions. 

From the time a student begins considering which college to attend until the time they graduate, the journey is filled with challenges. However, along with those challenges come countless data points that our solutions convert into actionable intelligence and insights for Higher Education Institutions. 

Our suite of Student Success products assists organizations in recruitment, retention, completion, and lifelong learning. Along the journey, our teaching and learning AI Cognitive Analyzer solution enables multiple use-cases for course content, skills mapping, and online class pattern-based analytics. 

Student Success Solutions 

Attract students, drive student outcomes, and connect with students in lifelong relationships. 

From recruitment and enrollment, through program completion, and into alumni relationships, Student Success goes to the heart of what it means to offer an optimal educational experience for the long-term, underscored by a holistic and thorough assessment of institutional performance and student outcomes. 


We have aligned our suite of Student Success solutions with The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework to simplify practical advice for Institutions to develop an AI strategy.  

Teaching and Learning Solutions 

Build a culture that empowers academics to do their best work. 

Our suite of Cognitive Mining solutions enables new processes that accelerate curriculum exploration and better meet the needs and expectations of all learners.   

Our AI Content Analyzer engine allows institutions to tackle multiple challenges through content indexation. Analysis of their courses to ensure alignment, searchability and skills development are some of the potential examples. The process starts with federation and ingestion of course syllabi, videos, general content, or assignments, then enabling our AI engine to index the content. Finally adapting the use case against the specific needs of the institution.  


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