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Student Recruitment

Achieve recruitment, admissions, and enrollment goals through personalized outreach and engagement. 

Admissions Optimizer


  •  Predict which prospects are most likely to be admitted and enrolled. 

  • Optimize the conversion rate of your recruitment campaigns. 

  • Integrate information from your CRM and marketing automation systems to understand the drivers of the recruitment process. 

  • Identify prospects that potentially will be at risk of dropping out.  

How does an institution know if its prospects will convert to applicants? And of those applicants, how many, if selected for admission, will successfully complete their program of study? In most cases, institutions cannot answer these questions with a high degree of certainty. 

For selective institutions, this means potentially spending more than necessary to recruit new applicants and giving away valuable space to students who may not retain. For non-selective institutions, there is significant potential for large numbers of underprepared students to attrite if they do not receive the proper types of support immediately.


Admissions Optimizer provides institutions with the critical intelligence necessary to focus their recruitment campaigns on qualified candidates and prepare support structures for potentially at-risk students before they are admitted. 

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admission Screen.png
admission Screen.png


“The Admissions Optimizer solution has helped us drastically optimize recruitment […] enrollments have gone up close to 10%" 

Michel Reynaud, Strategic Planning Director – UVM & UNITEC

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