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Admissions Optimizer

AI-Driven Admissions and Enrollment Solutions with Comprehensive SaaS Support 

Transform your admissions and enrollment process with Admissions Optimizer, our cutting-edge AI and machine learning solution supercharged with generative AI. 
Designed to streamline and enhance your institution's recruitment efforts, Admissions Optimizer equips your admissions and enrollment teams with powerful insights to make data-driven decisions, generate narratives for commercial sales, and create personalized scripts for multiple channels.

How it Works: 

Admissions Optimizer consists of five robust modules, each targeting a specific aspect of the admissions process, working in harmony to maximize conversion rates, optimize candidate profiling, and streamline resource allocation.


Through its generative AI layer, Admissions Optimizer introduces:

Narrative Generation for Sales Team:

Understand prospects and actions that would maximize lead conversion, simplifying the commercial follow-up process.

Dynamic Personalized Scripts:

Generates personalized scripts for multiple channels, based on the specific characteristics of the prospect and actions that have generated maximum conversion.

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Detail Admissions (Lead Scoring):

Probability of conversion between stages of the funnel.

Reading Together

Candidate Profiling Optimization:

Identify demographic and interest variables that maximize conversion.

Business affairs

Commercial Follow-up Portfolio:

Optimal commercial management package for each prospect segment.

Support Group

Media Optimization in Campaigns:

Best combinations of media to maximize conversion rates and minimize cost.

Digital devices discussion

Engagement & Recidivism:

RFM (Recency, Frequency & Monetary Value) analysis.

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Working in Office
  • Streamlined Admissions Process: AI-driven insights for improved targeting and resource allocation.

  • Enhanced Candidate Profiling: More effective recruitment strategies.

  • Generative AI-Powered Narratives: Simplified understanding for the sales team.

  • Dynamic Personalized Messaging: Time-saving and effective communication.

  • Seamless Integration: With institutional CRM and the Microsoft cloud.

  • SaaS Delivery Model: Convenience, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive yearly maintenance.

Elevate your admissions and enrollment process with Admissions Optimizer and harness the power of AI, machine learning, and generative AI to drive success for your institution.

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Empower your teams with data-driven insights and strategies to effectively reach and engage prospective students, maximizing conversions and building a stronger future for your educational community.



“The Admissions Optimizer solution has helped us drastically optimize recruitment […] enrollments have gone up close to 10%" 

Michel Reynaud, Strategic Planning Director – UVM & UNITEC

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