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Student Retention

Retain and advance students towards graduation with a holistic view of the student and predictive analytics to identify when there is a need for intervention.



Retention solution that provides early alerts related to persistence on a one-to-one basis.  

  • Risk: Probability of dropping out along with individual risk variables.  

  • Engage: Index that allows faculty and administrators to gain insights on effort and commitment. 

  • Success: Personality based probability of success. 

Risk: Performance, course-taking patterns, financial, profile and academic behaviors are analyzed though an Artificial Intelligence engine to continually evaluate risks for each student, whether that is dropping out or performing poorly. The analyses and intelligence, made possible through the integration of AI and machine learning, make Foresight the right choice for institutions striving to optimize student success. 

Engage: Leveraging information from data points such as activity, engagement, and persistence, we create an index that allows faculty and administrators to gain insight into each student’s level of commitment. Information that is surfaced in this phase helps differentiate those students who are struggling but truly committed from those who may be less receptive to interventions. Through this approach to segmentation, faculty and advisors can dedicate the most time and resources to those students who will likely benefit from additional support.  

Success: A module that allows for the development of unique student personas. Using AI, we create an x-ray of each student’s personality to help understand the potential level of success within the institution, programs of study, and individual courses. 

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“Thanks to Foresight, we have in place interventions to retain students at risk, even before they consider dropping out of school" 

Anyelina Rita Salinas Molina, Retention Manager, UPN.

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