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Student Retention AI Solution


Empowering Proactive Student Support with AI

Welcome to 'Foresight', an innovative module at the forefront of student retention strategies. Integrating advanced AI and predictive analytics, Foresight identifies students at risk and facilitates timely, personalized interventions.


Utilizing generative AI components, the module crafts personalized messages and narratives for at-risk students, significantly saving time for intervention teams.  

By continuously analyzing data across academic, demographic, and financial engagement, Foresight recalculates risk throughout the academic cycle. Integrated with WHALE and other SEAL platform modules, it works in synergy with EMILIA, our virtual assistant, to provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach to enhancing the educational journey. 

How it Works: 

Problem Solved: 

Foresight tackles the crucial issue of student retention, enabling institutions to proactively identify and assist at-risk students. It simplifies understanding student situations and prescribes effective solutions, enhancing the overall educational experience. 


Benefits and Features: 

Foresight offers AI-generated personalized messaging, continuous risk assessment, and tailored support strategies. Its generative AI components aid in creating narratives for students, guiding institutional teams in intervention strategies. Furthermore, EMILIA, our virtual assistant, supports Foresight in conducting initial inquiries about potential dropout causes, reaching more students than possible by human means, and presenting a portfolio of retention solutions. 



“Thanks to Foresight, we have in place interventions to retain students at risk, even before they consider dropping out of school" 

Anyelina Rita Salinas Molina, Retention Manager, UPN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Foresight utilize generative AI to enhance student retention efforts? 

In what ways does the virtual assistant EMILIA interact with Foresight? 

Can Foresight integrate seamlessly with existing institutional systems? 

Studying in Groups

Ready to revolutionize your student retention strategy with 'Foresight'? Contact us to learn more or to schedule a demo. Together, we can ensure every student has the support they need to succeed. 

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