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Alumni & Lifelong Learning

Enhance employability and foster lifelong relationships by offering personalized experiences across the entire student journey. 



  • Course & course trajectory prescriptions based on identifying Gaps in Skills Development.  

  • An experience that prescribes a course path to students, maximizing employability, life-long learning, and dream work. 

  • Prescribes courses based on: 

  1. Historical student performance. 

  2. Market appetite & job popularity. 

  3. Desired professional profile.  

  4. Gap in Skills Development. 

Career Planner

Earning a certificate or degree is just one step toward securing career goals. Successful employees have numerous hard and soft skills beyond degree requirements. 

That is why employers worldwide spend billions of dollars annually to help employees acquire necessary competencies. Career Planer is based on the premise that while career paths may be similar, individual differences demand personalized solutions. The process starts with understanding each student’s career goals and objectives and previous academic history to develop a persona.


Next, our AI engine compares the persona with labor market data to create an individualized career target that aligns experiences and goals against desired career objectives.  

Once courses have been semantically analyzed, the outcomes are then mapped to the career target, creating an individualized plan for each student.  

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"The solution we designed in conjunction with Analytikus has had a positive impact on our students' experience, allowing them to optimize their schedules as well as evaluate their academic choices."

Academic Director – Universidad del Rosario

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