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Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution

Career Planner 

Chart Your Path to Success with Personalized Guidance and Skill Development

  • Discover the power of personalized career planning with Career Planner, our innovative cognitive algorithm-based solution designed to help students bridge the gap between their academic accomplishments and their dream careers.

  • Career Planner analyzes each student's completed courses, preferred industries, and job offers to expose potential skill gaps and maximize their employability.

  • Delivered as a SaaS solution, Career Planner offers an unparalleled experience that prescribes tailored course routes, empowering students to pursue lifelong learning and achieve their career aspirations. 

How it Works: 

Career Planner utilizes a unique cognitive algorithm to identify the skills students have been exposed to through their completed courses.

By interacting with students and gathering information about their preferred industries, Career Planner exposes the skills gap that could impact their employability.


This invaluable insight helps students and institutions adapt and respond to the ever-changing demands of the job market. 

Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution Reports

Key Features

  • Cognitive algorithm-based analysis of completed courses and preferred industries. 

  • Identification of skills gaps and areas for improvement. 

  • Personalized course prescriptions to maximize employability. 

  • SaaS delivery model for convenience, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Early alerts for institutions to adapt content, courses, and curricula to market demands. 


Working Together
  • Empower students to bridge the gap between academic accomplishments and career goals. 

  • Maximize employability by addressing skills gaps and tailoring education to industry needs. 

  • Enhance curriculum development by identifying popular and in-demand skills. 

  • Enable lifelong learning through personalized course recommendations. 

  • Streamline course selection and career planning with a user-friendly platform. 

Embrace the future of career planning with Career Planner, a solution that supports students and institutions in navigating the ever-evolving job market. Our innovative cognitive algorithm-based solution prescribes tailored courses and course routes, helping students maximize their employability and achieve their dream careers.

Business Meeting

At the same time, institutions gain valuable insights into popular skills and market demands, allowing them to adapt content, courses, and curricula accordingly. Choose Career Planner and unlock the key to lifelong learning and career success.


"The solution we designed in conjunction with Analytikus has had a positive impact on our students' experience, allowing them to optimize their schedules as well as evaluate their academic choices."

Academic Director – Universidad del Rosario

Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
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