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Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution

Skills Planner

Bridging Your Path to Future Success

'Skills Planner', a visionary module designed to align students' skills with the evolving demands of the job market. Utilizing the vast data resources of WHALE (Warehouse of Holistic Academic and Learning Environments), Skills Planner assesses and identifies the current competencies of students and juxtaposes them against market needs.


This module not only focuses on bridging the gap between acquired skills and market expectations but also offers a personalized roadmap for skill development.

Integrating seamlessly with other SEAL platform modules, Skills Planner provides actionable insights and targeted learning recommendations, ensuring students are well-equipped for their future careers. 

How it Works: 

Problems Solved: 

"Skills Planner addresses the critical challenge of ensuring students' skills are relevant and competitive in the current job market. It provides a solution to the often-encountered disconnect between academic learning and real-world application, ensuring students are developing the competencies most sought after by employers." 

Benefits and Features: 

"The module offers comprehensive skills assessment, personalized development plans, and a clear pathway to bridge any skills gap. By providing tailored recommendations and actionable insights, Skills Planner empowers students to focus their learning efforts on areas that will maximize their employability and career readiness." 



"The solution we designed in conjunction with Analytikus has had a positive impact on our students' experience, allowing them to optimize their schedules as well as evaluate their academic choices."

Academic Director – Universidad del Rosario

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Skills Planner identify and match student skills with market demands? 

Can Skills Planner be customized to suit individual student goals and career aspirations? 

How is Skills Planner operationalized through EMILIA and what is EMILIA? 

Business Meeting

Ready to align your academic journey with your career aspirations using 'Skills Planner'? Contact us for more detailed information or to schedule a demo. Let's work together to prepare you for the opportunities of tomorrow. 

Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
Alumni & Lifelong Learning AI Solution
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