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Frequency Foundry and Analytikus Join Forces to Accelerate Innovation in Education Technology

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada – Frequency Foundry, a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications, and Analytikus, a global leader in educational technology, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing the Higher Education landscape. This collaboration brings together Frequency Foundry’s expertise in Student Relationship Management and Analytikus’ capabilities in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to deliver transformative solutions for Higher Education institutions worldwide. As award-winning organizations in their respective fields of expertise, Frequency Foundry and Analytikus share a common passion for leveraging innovative technology to empower Higher Education institutions and enhance the student experience. By combining their strengths, both companies are poised to drive innovation and address the unique challenges faced by Higher Education institutions in the digital era. Our partnership with Analytikus represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing world class solutions delivering true business value for our customers,” said Charles Finstad, Chief Revenue Officer at Frequency Foundry. “Through this collaboration, we will harness the power of Frequency Foundry’s flagship product, greymatter, to collect and analyze information, learn, predict and prescribe actionable insights for schools like the College of Southern Nevada, and other leading colleges and universities. We believe that by working hand in hand with Analytikus, we can unlock the potential of the full lifecycle data, empowering our clients with the ability to make data-driven decisions and improve student outcomes.” Analytikus, known for its expertise in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, is excited about the partnership’s potential impact. “At Analytikus, we are committed to transforming the educational landscape through AI-driven solutions,” said Miguel Molina-Cosculluela, Founder and CEO at Analytikus. “By collaborating with Frequency Foundry, we can leverage the vast amounts of data collected by greymatter and apply our advanced analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights. This partnership will enable us to support the higher education institutions in making informed decisions and fostering student success. The implementation of greymatter, Frequency Foundry’s robust student engagement platform, will enable the College of Southern Nevada to gather comprehensive data across various touchpoints. Analytikus will leverage this data, employing advanced analytics techniques to uncover patterns, trends, and actionable insights. The collaboration aims to improve student engagement, retention rates, and overall educational outcomes for the college. We are thrilled to be on this journey with Analytikus, and to be able to deliver results as early as this summer for our flagship client, The College of Southern Nevada. With a vision to empower every student to succeed, CSN is the ideal institution to be able to leverage the power of ML & AI to reduce attrition and enable more students to succeed.” added Shekar Kadaba, Chief Experience Officer from Frequency Foundry. Combining greymatter’s full lifecycle engagement and interaction data with Analytikus’ expertise in AI and analytics, we are confident in our ability to drive positive transformations and foster personalized and an impactful educational experience for students.

About Frequency Foundry Frequency Foundry is a leading Microsoft Business Applications Solutions Partner, specializing in delivering world-class solutions by blending the strength of Microsoft’s Business Applications and cloud platform with a comprehensive understanding, expertise and experience in the needs of the higher education sector. By reducing the data noise, Frequency Foundry enables resonance for their customers with their entire constituent ecosystem.

About Analytikus Analytikus is a global leader in educational technology, specializing in leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to revolutionize the educational landscape. As a trusted Microsoft partner for educational institutions worldwide, Analytikus empowers institutions to address challenges and seize opportunities using innovative AI-driven solutions. Their team of mathematicians, data engineers, and education specialists is committed to delivering exceptional solutions that drive success for their clients.

Media Contact: Dishti Anvita, Marketing Specialist Frequency Foundry 1(833)640-2005

Victor Rojas, Marketing Manager Analytikus 1(786)800-3062

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