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Learning Analytics

Ensure the best outcomes for students with a 360-degree view of activities and engagement, followed by the provisioning of the right services and support at the optimal time. 



Imagine if you could, through different channels, engage with all of your students, supporting them in a personalized manner, with individualized messages, to improve their well-being, experience, academic performance, and retention.  


Portrait is an analytical solution that uses artificial intelligence to get to know all students and support them through personalized messaging. It identifies key student variables and characteristics, then nudges them through short, concise, messages, that are personalized and engaging, in a timely manner to maximize student success. 

  • An AI Learning & Support Solution.  

  • Identifies key student variables and characteristics, simplifying personalized interventions and follow-ups through nudges to maximize student success.  

  • Integration through APIs with BOT in Teams, Mobile Apps, and LMS.


Portrait is operationalized through two AI agents. Emilia, a learning therapist, and Max, an organizational assistant.  

Meet Emilia


A virtual learning therapist that provides psycho-pedagogical support through nudges and concise messages to ensure student engagement and wellbeing. Emilia gathers information from different sources to provide a 360-degree view of the student, by assessing attributes such as Executive Functions, Social Skills, Emotional Indicators, and Achievement.


The diagram below illustrates the building blocks that empower Emilia.  

emilia buildingblocks 22.PNG

Meet Max


An Organizational Assistant that provides administrative and personalized, academic support to students.


Max integrates relevant operational information that supports students on executive functions such as time management, by utilizing course data from the LMS. Max is the perfect companion to support students in meeting deadlines.


These are some examples of the areas where Max supports students: 

•Library: Deadlines to return books.


•Calendar: Tasks, activities and pending discussions.


•Courses: Reminders related to the courses being taken.


•Administrative: Payment dates, days off, etc. 


Once the open activities have been identified, students are sent reminders, tips, or suggestions to follow up on them.

Emilia and Max communicate with students through messages that seek to guide behavior by incentivizing self-awareness and proactive behaviors.


Portrait generates a series of messages that will recommend activities that help students strengthen their skills in various areas based on an in-depth personality analysis. These messages are then delivered at a point in time that is corelated with each student’s activity patterns.

The images show an example of nudges coming from Emilia and Max.  


You have a deadline today, 11.59PM. The last assignment for your math course. MATH101.

Remember to return the book “Algorithms” to the library before Friday.


Stop for 10 minutes and move on.


A very efficient strategy when you lose control is to listen to your playlist, walk, write, breathe, or use a chess app for 10 minutes.

Portrait includes a set of reports for institutions to better understand the resulting student characterizations.  



"... Portrait [...] accompanies the student experience through chatbots. It also allows teachers and Program Directors to have a per-student characterization and empower student advising services, making immediate decisions to offer personalized support during the academic cycle."
Lenin Landázuri, Technology Director- Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)

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