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Learning Analytics AI Solution

Student Portrait

Elevating Your Learning Journey to Excellence

Welcome to 'Portrait', a cutting-edge module in Learning Analytics, designed to revolutionize individual learning processes. At its core, Portrait is about enhancing how students learn.


Utilizing the vast data insights from WHALE (Warehouse of Holistic Academic and Learning Environments), Portrait delves deep into the learning habits, skills, willingness to learn, and achievements of each student. This module excels in providing personalized nudges, employing behavioral economics principles to subtly guide students towards positive learning behaviors.

With EMILIA, our versatile virtual assistant, integrated across various modules, Portrait goes beyond traditional pedagogical support. EMILIA engages students with timely reminders and messages, reacting to specific events within the LMS, ensuring a more interactive and responsive learning experience." 

How it Works: 

Problems Solved: 

Portrait' addresses the limitations of generic educational methodologies by focusing on the individual learning journey of each student. It helps in cultivating effective learning habits, customizing support to maximize their learning experience, and transforming how students engage.


Benefits and Features: 

Key features of Portrait include personalized learning analytics, adaptive nudges based on behavioral economics, and comprehensive support from EMILIA. This module not only facilitates a deeper understanding of each student’s learning process but also empowers educators to tailor their methods more effectively, aligning with each student’s unique learning needs." 


"... Portrait [...] accompanies the student experience through chatbots. It also allows teachers and Program Directors to have a per-student characterization and empower student advising services, making immediate decisions to offer personalized support during the academic cycle."

Lenin Landázuri, Technology Director- Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Portrait help students learn more effectively? 

What role does EMILIA play in the Portrait module? 

Can Portrait be used across different courses and subjects? 

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Ready to personalize and enhance the learning journey with 'Portrait'? Reach out to us for more detailed information or to schedule a demo. Let's collaborate to unlock each student's full learning potential. 

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