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Learning Analytics AI Solution

Student Portrait

Unleash Academic Brilliance: Transforming Education with AI-Powered Insights and Virtual Sidekicks 


Unleash Academic Brilliance with Student Portrait, now supercharged with Emilia's generative AI capabilities. Transforming Education with AI-Powered Insights and Virtual Sidekicks, Emilia acts as a 24/7 learning therapist, an executive function coach, and a subject matter expert tailored to your institution's needs.


Discover the future of personalized learning, unlocking each student's full potential, and ensuring the best outcomes with a 360-degree view of activities and engagement. 

How it Works: 

  • 24/7 Learning Assistant: Emilia engages students in full conversations, understanding and supporting their learning challenges based on our four-pillar framework: executive functions, social skills, willingness to learn, and achievement.

  • Executive Function Training: Emilia teaches students essential study habits related to planning, organization, time management, self-control, and self-activation. 

  • Subject Matter Expertise: Emilia becomes an expert on any subject defined by the university, offering in-depth insights and assistance on course content. 

Learning Analytics AI Solution MAX

You have a deadline today, 11.59PM. The last assignment for your math course. MATH101.

Remember to return the book “Algorithms” to the library before Friday.

Learning Analytics AI Solution MAX

Stop for 10 minutes and move on.


A very efficient strategy when you lose control is to listen to your playlist, walk, write, breathe, or use a chess app for 10 minutes.

  • Integration with Max: Our secondary virtual assistant, Max, monitors events and due dates, sending timely reminders to help students stay organized. 

  • Comprehensive Reporting: In-depth Power BI reports provide insights for individual students and educators, generating personalized nudges. 

Learning Analytics AI Solution Reports

Key Features

  • Generative AI-Powered Conversations: Emilia's ability to engage in meaningful dialogues enhances the learning experience. 

  • Tailored Executive Function Training: Specific training modules for developing essential study skills. 

  • Adaptive Subject Expertise: Flexibility to become an expert in any subject, aligning with the university's curriculum. 

  • Max, the Proactive Virtual Assistant: Assignment reminders and due date notifications. 

  • Integration with Learning Management Systems: Seamless data analysis. 

  • API Services and GPT-Enabled Dialogues: Versatile and interactive communication. 

  • Built on the Microsoft Cloud: Utilizing the Open Education Analytics framework for robust performance. 


Study Group
  • Enhanced Student Engagement: Emilia's conversational ability fosters a more interactive and personalized learning environment. 

  • Skill Development: Targeted training in executive functions empowers students with the essential skills needed for academic success. 

  • Customized Subject Support: Emilia's adaptability offers tailored assistance, enriching the educational experience. 

  • Proactive Assistance with Assignment Management: Max ensures students never miss a deadline. 

  • Scalable and Responsive: Ensuring every student receives individualized attention. 

  • Robust Reporting Capabilities: Data-driven decision-making for educators. 

  • Empowered Educators: Actionable insights and personalized nudges to better support students. 

Imagine the impact of systematically following up with every student using personalized messages, equipping educators with actionable insights, and providing proactive reminders to keep students on track.

Black and White Students

Embrace the future of education with Student Portrait and revolutionize the way students learn, one interaction at a time. Empower your students and educators with the unparalleled support of Emilia and Max, your dedicated virtual pedagogical assistants, and leverage the power of data-driven education.


"... Portrait [...] accompanies the student experience through chatbots. It also allows teachers and Program Directors to have a per-student characterization and empower student advising services, making immediate decisions to offer personalized support during the academic cycle."
Lenin Landázuri, Technology Director- Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)

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