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Simple questions to measure the ability of a data scientist

Sometimes a recruiter will find difficult to know the skills of a data science before hiring. Here are some simple questions to measure the ability of a data science:

1) what is meant data driven?

2) what is data mining?

3) what is the t-test?

4) what is R square adjustment?

5) what is regression?

6) What are the forms of regression?

7) whether data can be manipulated?

For questions 1 and 2 are to know in general whether he understands the task of a data science.

For question 3 to 6 is to know his understanding from a technical point of view.

While for question number 7 is to find out if he is a data analyst or data scientist. If the answer is "yes" with confidence he may be a data scientist, what if the answer "yes" with a doubt or answered "no" means he's a data analyst with average ability.

When the question is submitted to complete the answer does not take more than 10 minutes.

Hopefully useful

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