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Tecmilenio University Implements AI-Based Solution to Predict Dropout Risk.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Monterrey, Nuevo León - Tecmilenio University, one of the leading educational institutions in Mexico with over 60,000 students, including both on-campus and remote students, has implemented Foresight, an advanced analytics solution managed by Analytikus, to predict student dropout risk using Microsoft's Azure cloud.

Tecmilenio generates a large amount of data that allows for the identification of certain dropout risks. However, until now, the information has not always been exploited in a centralized and standardized manner to have a comprehensive view of the student.

With Foresight, the university seeks a 360-degree view of the student with centralized and standardized data in the Azure cloud, utilizing components such as Data Factory, Databricks, and Power BI.

The technology team at Tecmilenio has worked to systematize the extraction and preparation of information from multiple sources. One of the main challenges they faced was centralizing data from traditionally siloed sources, now integrated to provide a longitudinal view of the student. Thanks to these efforts, Foresight's machine learning models can obtain the most comprehensive view possible of the student, identifying academic, economic, engagement, and sociodemographic risks.

Foresight has dozens of artificial intelligence models to calculate and recalculate student risk and identify individual risk variables. The solution leverages Microsoft's artificial intelligence components in the Azure cloud to process tens of thousands of daily digital signals generated across Tecmilenio's 29 campuses and its more than 60,000 students.

The implementation of the solution has been led by Tecmilenio's technology team, which aims to enable this tool to detect risks and support student support figures and students themselves. In this regard, José Carlos Enríquez Vogel, Coordinator of Data Science, commented, "By identifying early risks, providing personalized interventions, and making data-driven decisions, Tecmilenio can create a stronger educational environment and support its students more effectively."

The successful implementation of Foresight is expected to have a significant impact on student retention and success now that the solution is in production in the Azure cloud. Tecmilenio continues to innovate in education and technology, reaffirming its commitment to the future of its students and academic excellence.

About Tecmilenio

Tecmilenio is a private university sponsored by the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM). It has 28 campuses located in 27 Mexican cities and 10 Connect Spaces, where it offers undergraduate, graduate, engineering, and extension programs in both on-campus and online formats.

About Analytikus

Analytikus is a global leader in educational technology, specializing in leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize the educational landscape. As a Microsoft partner for educational institutions worldwide, Analytikus enables institutions to address challenges and seize opportunities using innovative AI-driven solutions. Their team of mathematicians, data engineers, and education specialists is committed to delivering exceptional solutions that drive the success of their clients.


José Carlos Enríquez


Victor Rojas, Marketing Manager



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