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Report Parameter Support for Paginated Report E-Mail Subscriptions are Now Available

From Microsoft PowerBI blog:

The Paginated Reports team closes out May with another “New Feature Friday” blog post announcing one of the biggest enhancements to e-mail subscriptions in Power BI to date.

With today’s update, Paginated Reports users can set up an e-mail subscription for themselves and their colleagues and choose the parameter values they wish to use for each e-mail subscription they set up! Just as they’ve been able to do in SQL Server Reporting Services for years, customers can select their parameter values for the specific view of the data they want and send it to themselves and others as one of six different attachment formats.

Want to set up three subscriptions with different parameter combinations for each group of recipients? Now you can!

To get started, head to one of your paginated reports in Power BI and click on the “Subscribe” button in the toolbar

You’ll see a new drop-down menu in your subscription pane that allows you to select one of two values when you’re creating your subscription if you have selectable parameters in the report. By default, it will use the current parameter values you have selected to view your report. Make sure you select your values and run your report prior to creating your subscription to ensure the correct parameter values are captured. If the report author has setup default parameter values for all of the selectable parameter options, you will have the option to use those instead.

Now, when your e-mail is delivered to its recipients, it will always reflect the parameter value(s) you’d selected to be associated with that particular subscription.

Because this feature was so highly requested amongst our preview customers, we released this as soon as we felt comfortable, but a few additional capabilities aren’t quite there yet. These include the ability to edit the parameters for your subscription and being directed back to the view of the report with parameter values set from the link in your mail. These are both coming in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll update you accordingly when they’re available.

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