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The theme you’ve been waiting for – Dark mode comes to the Power BI iOS app

In this week’s release we’ve added dark mode support to the Power BI iOS app. Power BI Mobile users know that we’re always working to improve our apps and looking for ways to provide our users the best, most delightful, and enjoyable experience possible. And enabling dark mode is one of those things that we know you’re going to love!

Starting from today, if you find it easier to use the dark theme when you use your device, you can also enjoy that theme when using the Power BI iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

How to configure dark mode

If you’ve already configured your device to operate in dark mode (Device Settings > Display & Brightness > Appearance), then you don’t need to do anything! The Power BI app will automatically inherit that configuration from the device setting. So just get the latest app version from the store, and you have dark mode enabled!

If you want to use a different theme in Power BI than the theme you’ve set for your device, go to the app’s Settings page, tap on Appearance, and choose your preference: Dark, Light or System default.

When the app is in dark mode, all screens and dialogs are presented in a dark theme. But Power BI content, such as reports and dashboards will not change, and will stay with the same colors and themes as published by the person who created them.

What about dark mode for the Power BI Android app? We will add dark mode support to the Power BI Android app later in the year, based on your feedback in our user voice website            .

Next step

Get the latest version of the Power BI Mobile iOS app from the App Store and try out dark mode today.

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Aakriti Kulkarni
Aakriti Kulkarni
Jul 07, 2023

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