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Color saturation on visuals upgraded to use conditional formatting

From Microsoft PowerBI blog:

For quite a while now, we’ve had two different ways to dynamically color a visual’s data points depending on the visual type. Our charts had a color saturation option in the field well that gave you basic controls, and the table and matrix visuals had conditional formatting. We’ve added a ton of functionality to the conditional formatting experience for table and matrix over the last year, but the color saturation feature for cartesian charts hasn’t received much love.

That has finally changed this month, as we’ve upgraded all the generally available visuals that previously used color saturation to have the same conditional formatting experience as table and matrix currently has. This means you’ll have access to all three types of formatting currently available: Color by color scales, Color by rules, and Color by field. As mentioned, this change impacts all visuals which previously had color saturation which includes:

  • All variants of column and bar charts

  • Funnel chart

  • Bubble & filled maps

  • Treemap

  • Scatter chart

With this upgrade, you’ll notice the color saturation bucket is no longer in the field well. Instead to format, you’ll go to the Data colors card in the formatting pane. Here you can format with the color pickers as normal or select the Advanced controls option to launch the conditional formatting dialog.

Once there, you can use any of the three conditional formatting options and select OK to apply the formatting.

And that’s it! The conditional formatting colors will apply on top of whatever formatting you already have through theming and manually picking through the color pickers.

Watch the following video to learn more about conditional formatting in visuals:

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