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Updated filtering experience (preview)

From Microsoft PowerBI blog:

Our filter pane is a very important part of any report, and we’ve been listening to all the feedback we get from the community to learn what would be the most impactful updates we could make. We’d hear that consumers won’t understand what filters are affecting a visual. Not only does the filter pane showing up as collapsed at the corner of the report making it difficult to notice, it also didn’t have enough configuration and customization options to meet all your needs when building reports. Based on all this feedback, we have a preview of a fully revamped filtering experience.

This new filter pane has many new features such as:

  • Hide individual filters or the entire filter pane from report consumers

  • Lock filters as read only for report consumers

  • Formatting options for the filter pane to make it feel like part of the report

  • Flexibility of defining default expand / collapsed filter pane at report load time for consumers

  • Read only view of filters affecting a visual directly on visuals

To start using this new filter pane, you will first need to enable it through the Preview features section of the Options dialog. After this, it will be enabled for all new reports.

For existing reports, you’ll additionally need to check the option under Report settings in the Options dialog.

Once the new filter pane is enabled, you’ll see it attached to the report page. It will be formatted by default based on your current report settings. This new filter pane is what your report consumers will see when you publish your report, and the older filter pane now acts as a filter editing pane. This means you can update existing filters through the new pane, but you’ll use the older filter pane to configure which filters to include.

Note: Wondering why we have two filter panes? The new filter pane gives you a taste of what your report consumers will see without publishing the report (same as any other visual in your report). In a few months, we will remove the old filter pane and the new pane will be used to add new filters as well.

To show and hide the new filter pane, you can use the eye icon next to FILTERS title of the filter editing pane. This saves with the report, so you’ll be able to completely hide the filter pane from your report consumers if you want.

You can also use the filter editing pane to lock or hide individual filter cards. As you toggle these settings in the editor, you’ll see the changes reflected in the new filter pane.

Through the formatting pane you can format both the new filter pane, and the individual filter cards. For the filter pane, you can format the background color and transparency, the font and icon colors, and the color and visibility of the left border of the pane.

You can format the filter card’s background color and transparency and border color and visibility. You’re able to format these properties for both the state when the filter is cleared (Available) and the state when the filter is set to something (Applied).

Another benefit of this new experience is that you can now see a read only view of filters that are affecting each visual. You can hover over a filter icon in the visual’s header to see filters, slicers, and cross-highlighting state that is affecting what data is showing in the visual. This new icon is on by default (provided your preview switch is checked as called out above), but of course you can turn it off for your report consumers through the visual header card in the formatting pane.

Watch the following video to learn more about the new filtering experience:

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