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Power BI Desktop December 2018 Feature Summary

December is a huge month for us in terms of accessibility. With this release, the entire product supports screen readers, keyboard navigation and high contrast for both report consumption and report creation. We are also previewing one of the most asked for features related to Q&A, support for live connect! We also have lots of smaller improvements across the product, such as customizable tooltips for buttons and a larger DAX formula bar.

Here’s the complete list of December updates:


  • Smart guides for aligning objects on a page

  • ArcGIS Maps for Power BI updates

  • Fields list accessibility support

  • Set tab order for objects on a page

  • Tooltips for button visuals

  • Updated icons for “Visual interactions”


  • Live connect support for Q&A (preview)


  • DAX formula bar updates

  • Data view accessibility support

Custom visuals

  • BIpm: Interactive directed flow graph

Data connectivity

  • AtScale connector (Beta)

  • Oracle Essbase connector (Beta)

Data preparation

  • Fuzzy merge – support for Top N best matches


  • High contrast support for all panes and report footer

  • Updated keyboard shortcuts dialog

For a summary of the major updates, you can watch the following video:

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