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CNN Interview - Benefits from using Analytics

In this interview (in Spanish) Miguel Molina-Cosculluela (@mikeaingeru), Managing Partner and Analytics Evangelist at Analytikus explains how companies can generate value through the use of Analytics. Gabriela Frias (@gfrias) reporter at CNN sets up the context by explaining how companies such as Ford, LinkedIn or Netflix are using Data to gain competitive advantages.


One of the topics discussed was how Analytics have evolved, from Descriptive Analytics, or what we usually call Business Intelligence, into Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics. These last two involve certain skills, and the need for talent with those skills has generated a new job role, known widely today as Data Scientist. These “unicorns” as they are mentioned in the interview, are people with a wide variety of skills, ranging from Statistics, Business Knowledge to some coding or programming skills. Enjoy the interview, let us know what you think.

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