Power BI Webinars

These are the webinars will be delivering over the following weeks, come back regularly for updates.


Dax Principles

Level: Basic - Intermediate

Understand the principles of DAX functions and calculations. Understand the differences between calculated measures and columns. Perform basic aggregation calculations and use of conditional statements in PowerBI. Handling of common errors.


Business Story Telling with Data Visualizations

Level: Intermediate

Learn the principles to build business level visualization that communicate and describe your data effectivelly


Power BI Service -Mobile

Level: Intermediate

Share and build new reports with Power BI Service. Design your oun layouts for mobile phones and take your data everywhere you go!


How to improve the performance with aggregations?

Level: Advanced

Aggregations enable interactive analysis over big data in ways that aren't possible otherwise, and can dramatically reduce the cost of unlocking large datasets for decision making.


How to unflatten data using M?

Level: Advanced

Why is it important to have a good data model? Using advanced M techniques it is possible to create a star schema model from a flat table.


Lifesaving Tips & Tricks in Power BI you will ever need

Level: Advanced

All new and helpful ideas to get you making great looking reports! Make your data shine by coming to this session.


Principles of Data Modeling With M

Level: Basic - Intermediate

Import and query data from different sources. Learn principles of M applied to your data sets through simple, but effective examples