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In Analytikus, we harness the power of advanced analytics and AI to transform education.

Our mission is to augment teaching and learning experiences, empowering educators and students with data-driven insights.​​ Through our innovative SEAL platform, we offer AI Modules that not only improve academic outcomes but also foster a more engaging and personalized educational journey. Discover how we're making education smarter and more effective for everyone.

The SEAL Platform

Student Experience for Augmented Learning

​​At the heart of Analytikus, SEAL is at the forefront of redefining educational experiences through artificial intelligence. Our integrated platform is a testament to Analytikus' commitment to harnessing the power of AI for augmented teaching and learning.

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Student Experience Modules

Student Recruitment Solution

Admissions Optimizer

"Transform your student recruitment with predictive precision. Dive deep into data to maximize your candidates’ conversions."

Student Recruitment AI Solution
Student Retention Solution


"Spot at-risk students before they falter, and tailor interventions that turn potential dropouts into graduates."

Student Retention AI Solution


"Unlock the story behind every student’s learning journey. Maximize learning like never before, with nudges that inspire success."

Learning Analytics AI Solution

Learning Buddy

"Your 24/7 academic sidekick, ready to tackle tough topics at a moment's notice. Where learning never sleeps, and neither does support."

Career Planner  AI Solution

Skills Planner

"Bridge the gap between academia and industry by aligning skills with real-world demands. Forge futures with personalized pathways to employability."

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Empowering Education with SEAL

Comprehensive Insights: SEAL integrates diverse educational data sources into a unified view, offering deep insights into the educational journey of each student. 

Tailored Experiences: With data-driven personalization at its core, SEAL enables educational institutions to craft experiences that are not only effective but also highly engaging and responsive to individual needs. 

The Power of the WHALE

Central to SEAL's effectiveness is WHALE's Data Layer – 'Warehouse of Holistic Academic and Learning Environments'. This robust data repository acts as the backbone of our platform, seamlessly integrating transactional data from academic management systems, learning management systems, CRMs, and other sources. 

Revolutionizing Education with AI

SEAL represents a leap forward in educational technology. By leveraging the power of WHALE and cutting-edge AI, we are not just transforming data into knowledge but are actively reshaping how education is delivered and experienced. Join us in embracing a future where education is more personalized, efficient, and impactful. With SEAL, experience the next generation of education. Powered by data, driven by AI.

Empowering Educational Institutions around the world 

TEC de Monterrey - Analytikus
Universidad Europea de Madrid - Analytikus
EAD - Analytikus
Universidad Interamericana para el desarrollo - Analytikus
Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja - Analytikus
UPN  - Analytikus
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