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Expand & collapse matrix row headers

From Microsoft PowerBI blog:

We are very excited to announce the release of one of the most requested visual features, the ability to expand and collapse individual row headers.

There are two ways you can expand row headers. The first is through the right-click menu. You’ll see options to expand the specific row header you clicked on, the entire level or everything down to the very last level of the hierarchy. You have similar options for collapsing row headers as well.

You can also add +/- buttons to the row headers through the formatting pane under the row headers card. By default, the icons will match the formatting of the row header, but you can customize the icons’ color and size separately if you want.

Once the icons are turned on, they work similarly to the icons from PivotTables in Excel.

The expansion state of the matrix will save with your report. It can be pinned to dashboards as well, but consumers will need to open up the report to change the state. Conditional formatting will only apply to the inner most visible level of the hierarchy. Note that this expand/collapse experience is not currently supported when connecting to AS servers older than 2016 or MD servers.

Watch the following video to learn more about expand/collapse in the matrix:

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