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These are the webinars will be delivering over the following weeks, come back regularly for updates.


Student Commitment and Teacher Commitment Index.

The students are already online, but what is the commitment?   How can we identify students at risk given the usage patterns of the platform? how can I easily identify teachers who need support to increase student engagement?. This solution simplifies the understanding of each student’s habits with the platform, allowing to identify potential areas of opportunity.

Cognitive Mining and Knowledge Gap.

The courses have been designed to meet certain learning goals. In this transition to online space, how much is being achieved? This cognitive mining solution analyzes the entire content of each course within the LMS, to provide an assessment of content versus promised objectives. Evidencing areas of opportunity over certain objectives that are not being properly covered.

Student Integrity

Undoubtedly, a concern of teachers is the integrity of students, and today under a logic of remote study it becomes a more sensitive topic. This solution integrates a cognitive component that analyzes the texts generated by the students, identifying over time whether the same person has been generating the different deliveries.

Retention framework and AI solution

Personalized processes towards the student and standardized towards the institution.


Champion of retention, generating culture, operational discipline, roles and functions.

Monitoring and Intervention

Contact 1:1 based on life cycle.

Digital Communication

Opening of channels based on MOT’s, integrating an effective Digital Communication strategy.

Solutions OnDemand

Portfolio counter-lawsuit based on student pain points identified in the follow-up.

Measurement and Impact

Continuous improvement, conversion rates, student progress.








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