Web Analytics


Data coming from websites is becoming critical to understand our customers' behavior, as well as the performance of our campaigns.

Digital Analytics Setup


In order to ensure that the most accurate and actionable data is tracked, a properly implemented analytics platform is critical. Whether your end goal is to measure campaign performance or to improve the user experience of your site, we have extensive experience in performing deep audit of your key business objectives, and then tagging, coding and configuring your platform accordingly. A typical implementation includes:

  • Defining key metrics to track against desired business outcomes.

  • Creation of profiles and filters.

  • Integration with Adwords, marketing automation and CRM systems.

  • Campaign tagging.

  • Creation of dashboards and scheduling of reports and alerts.

Increasing data reliability and customize reporting.

Lead Generation


Lead generation sites aim towards sharing more content and getting more visitors to sign up lead forms available on the website. We improve conversion rates though:

  • Form Field Analysis: Our experts can implement tracking of all the forms and fields (a critical KPI for a lead generation website). This leads to understanding a visitor’s interaction with forms and eventually helps in optimizing the form fields and form placement on the website. 

  • Lead Scoring Analysis: When integrated with the CRM system lead scoring provides directions to sales reps to focus their effort on those leads that is most likely to convert to end sales.

  • Engagement Analysis: Web-based conversions during lead generation activity are driven by the engagement that occurs of visitors with the content of the website. Here we track KPIs like time spent on site, number of pageviews per visit and number of clicks, active and passive content consumption.



The objective is to generate transactions and increase revenue. Optimization for e-commerce sites usually include:

  • Product Conversion Rate Analysis: Custom analytics implementation to understand your product meta data in the form of user’s actions. For example, identify "product add to cart," product views, "product remove from the cart," identify products that have more demand and optimize your inventory and pricing

  • E-commerce Pricing Analysis: Work with the pricing data and customer data to improve current pricing and improve the yield without losing on volume. Identify price elasticity for different products in e-commerce stores that will help you increase or decrease the price & promote the products that increase number of transactions in your store.

Custom Analysis and Reporting


Every business has different goals for its web presence. We understand your business priorities, create the right custom reports, apply the most relevant advanced segments to that data and, finally derive insights from it. We can dissect a certain section of your website or a mobile app and generate improvements through custom analysis.