Virtus AI 

Take immediate actionthanks to the prediction of a crime.

Predict, prioritize and see through the eyes of citizens.

Security Systems need to be able to optimize their processes in order to have cataloged and identified the crimes.

It would be great to be able to predict crimes to create strategic police deployment.

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Crime Prediction

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Cognitive Video Surveillance

Virtus AI Crime Prediction.png

Citizens' Network


Crime Prediction

Woman Stalked in Garage

Predict through the use of Machine Learning the probability of the occurrence of a crime, in a particular place, on a particular day and in a time range.


  • Lack of strategic indicators to analyze crime patterns.

  • Predict crimes to reduce insecurity.

  • Deploy strategically the police force.


  • Identification and Segmentation of the zones according to their level of risk.​

  • Prediction model to identify the occurrence probability of a crime.


Cognitive Video Surveillance

Monitoring Room

Despite tremendous costs and potential, these resources are greatly underutilized​

Without Cognitive Video Analytics

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  • Human monitoring of live video is very costly and inefficient

  • Human attention limited to 4-9 displays

  • 4 displays = 80% and 9 displays = 40%

  • Operator fatigue (<5% events after 20 minutes)

  • Less than 1% of video is ever seen by human eyes

With Cognitive Video Analytics

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  • System prioritizes operator attention

  • Only ‘likely events’ need to be confirmed

  • Event type and location are highlighted on the image

  • # of streams per operator limited by false-alert rates

  • E.g., 1,200 streams @ 1 false alert/24 hours


Citizens' Network 

Moving People

Through a mobile app (i.e. Kaizala) citizens use action cards to report potential crimes.

Feedback from citizens alert police forces.

Unreported crimes now get reported.  (i.e. Statistics & Analytics)



"No longer can handle information in the traditional way, it is with technological tools like Analytikus that we have managed to be successful [...]" 

Lic. Jorge Amador / Director of Security in Neza