Technology at School

Assessment and Intervention in Learning for K12.

Some students find difficult reading and writing skills, others solving math problems, others have difficulties to socialize or serious behavior problems. There are students who easily lose attention and find it difficult to organize. There are even students who are so capable that they get bored in their classes.


Schools have a hard time knowing what their needs are, who needs specialized support, who needs support only from teachers and parents, and who can support others.  And they don't always know how they can support them.

VIA helps identify student’s educational needs in a fast and effective way.

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Why VIA?

Optimization in internal processes

Reduction of time for:

Identify the needs in the room

Identify special educational needs

The elaboration of balanced salons

Benefits in the teaching-learning process

Specific learning strategies for each classroom and for students with n.e.e.


Encourage teamwork (cooperative learning, differentiation)

Rooms with balanced needs.

Suggestions for parents (teamwork)

What to mesure?

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