AI as the platform to improve student retention.

Every 26 seconds, another student drops out of high school. That’s 7000 students a day. Over 1.2 million students every year in the US alone. Those students will earn $200,000 less throughout their lifetime than if they would have graduated high school. Statistics also show that high school dropouts commit 75% of all crimes. These dismal realities do not paint a positive picture of the future of education. But Microsoft believes it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to change the future for these students and their communities

As institutions prepare for a post-COVID return to classes in the Fall, the retention landscape is more uncertain than ever. How will first time students adapt? What impact will ongoing hybrid delivery have on student success? Who will thrive and who will struggle as higher ed attempts a return to normalcy?

Join us to learn why possessing critical insights into student success are more important than ever.


This webinar will demonstrate how data can be transformed with AI to delivery actionable intelligence to drive learning outcomes and retention. From simple visualizations to individually targeted, psychometric-based messaging, institutions of all sizes can benefit from analysis and strategies derived from deep learning models.

Join us to see how your institution can utilize a transformative AI framework for success.