A treasure of customer insights hidden in textual data.

Social Media Analytics


Understand the textual content from different social media networks. Do you want to know what are your customers truly saying about you? Consider the following services:


  • Opinion Mining/Sentiment Analysis: We help you understand the tonality of conversations (positive, negative, neutral). You can analyze the opinions of your fans and followers and get the picture of what people talk, how they perceive your brand.  

  • Brand Monitoring & Competitive Analysis: Monitor all competing brands on Social Media and review websites/portals that compare businesses. Identify key influencers, communities and advocates of your brand.

  • Lead Generation :  Social media is a gold mine for companies to search for prospects. Identify an important conversational concept - intent to buy and leverage the tweets and comments to generate potential leads.

  • Trend Analysis: Compare your social media insights with data from previous reports. Help understand surge and decline in sentiments and conversations after an announcement, product launches and marketing initiatives.

Content Analytics


Unlock the value of content, consider the following key applications:

  • Concept Extraction: Use linguistics and statistical analysis to identify the central concepts contained in any digital asset.

  • Entity Extraction: Entity extraction extracts places, people, organizations, trademarks, products names, industry specific terminology from web pages and other digital assets.

  • Sentiment Analysis: It detects the tonality of text (positive, negative or nuetral).

  • Summarization: Identify key sentences and content in a digital asset and use them to create a summary.

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