Pricing and Sales Analytics


Use the latest tools at your reach to maximize revenue and profit. 

Dynamic Pricing


Together we can conduct cross product forecasting, create elasticity models, create optimization scenarios and build solutions to implement pricing decisions in real-time based on current market data. Below some potential applications:

  • Price Setting for products, portfolios and channels based on market conditions and target contribution margins.

  • Price Elasticity/Sensitivity to estimate the impact of pricing on sales volumes.

  • Dynamic Pricing to estimate price-change triggers based on customer behavior to maximize revenue/profitability.

Profit Analysis


Increase sales and profits by expanding services, reducing costs or shifting channel strategies, analyze the impact each of these drivers has on gross margins. We can help you in several ways:

  • Dig deeper into your cost data so you can discover cost anomalies, and uncover profit opportunities - across products, customers, sales organizations and channels 

  • Reduce indirect costs through improved customer, product, and channel mixes

  • Uncover hidden cost anomalies and take corrective action.

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