Together we can conduct cross product forecasting, create elasticity models, create optimization scenarios and build solutions to implement pricing decisions in real-time based on current market data.

Generate a competitive advantage through the use of Analytics. 

Identify customers at risk of leaving 

Increase the frequency of purchase of customers.


See the increase in margin and gain

Customer 360

& Target one

Customer Churn





Keeping existing customers is five times cheaper than the cost of attaining new ones. For this reason, marketing executives often find themselves trying to estimate the likelihood of customer churn and finding the necessary actions to minimize the churn rate.


Customer Churn Prediction uses Machine Learning to predict churn probability and helps find patterns in existing data associated with the predicted churn rate.


  • Improve Customer Retention: Proactively launch campaigns and strategies to abate customer attrition

  • Gain Actionable Intelligence: Know the effects of seasonality on customer churn and the success of campaigns and strategies.

  • Reduce Costs: It is more profitable to keep existing customers than to acquire new ones

CUSTOMER 360 & TARGET ONE    (a manthan systems solution)

Our solution is an analytical technology platform specially designed to attract and influence customers through real-time micro-managed campaigns and personalized promotions.


It consists of a model of industry data, hundreds of KPIs and reports and advanced analytical models that allow generating customer intelligence inputs.


Some Benefits

  • Increase the frequency of purchase of customers.

  • Increase product penetration

  • Increase the assertiveness rate of marketing campaigns by optimizing budgets

  • Influencing purchasing behavior by optimizing business and logistics strateg


PRICE OPTIMIZATION (a CustoLogix solution)


Our price optimization solution takes as input the information of the point of sale, of products, of competitive prices, of macroeconomic trends, of promotions, etc. These data are used to develop a series of algorithms to create a set of demand curves per SKU in each store.


The demand curve identifies products that are the most and least sensitive to price. Additional optimization routines take advantage of these demand curves to determine the optimum recommended price.



  • The expected benefits impact on two main performance indicators: margin and profit.


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