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From prospects to students: Aliat Universities and Analytikus predict student recruitment

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Mexico, August 24, 2021- Today, Aliat Universidades, the network of educational institutions with the largest coverage in Mexico, announced that it will implement Analytikus' Admissions Optimizer solution, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and designed with the objective of predicting the conversion rate of the admissions funnel in higher education by knowing the probability of those prospects closest to being admitted.  

Faced with a wide educational offer, the admissions funnel sets the tone for the decision making of the admissions team of educational institutions and the way they interact with prospective students, so predicting which prospects will become admitted will help them to better allocate their resources and identify the right communication channels for interested parties.

"At Analytikus, our AI solution Admissions Optimizer allows universities to improve their admissions process so that their admissions team can make more meaningful decisions based on historical data and understand the factors that influence the admissions process according to each stage of the admissions funnel and implement more appropriate communication strategies that allow them to better understand prospective students. Systematizing data integration, modeling and machine learning in reports based on analytical components from the best practices and experience of having implemented our AI solution in different educational institutions in different regions," said Miguel Molina-Cosculluela, founder of Analytikus.  

"At Aliat Universidades we seek to optimize the conversion rate of our admissions campaigns and have the critical capability to focus our campaigns on those prospects most likely to be admitted allowing us to prepare support structures for potentially at-risk students before they are admitted" mentioned Jose Luis Cadena, Director of Information Technology at Aliat Universidades.  

"We are very excited to work together to implement the AI Admissions Optimizer solution thus ratifying our commitment to prepare highly skilled future professionals through new learning technologies that allow us to pay more attention to the right communication channels to interact more effectively with prospects by identifying what aspects can be improved in the admissions process" said Jose Toussaint, Institutional Commercial Director of Aliat Universidades.  

Thus, Aliat Universidades relies on Analytikus' Admissions Optimizer to optimize the admissions process and channel attention, resources and time to those prospects most likely to be admitted. The solution is expected to go live in the third quarter of 2021.  

About Analytikus  

Analytikus, an organization selected by Holon IQ in 2020 as one of the most innovative education technology companies in LATAM, winners in LATAM and a finalist in the Global EdTech Awards (GESAwards) in 2017. Headquartered in Miami with clients in more than 15 countries, it builds innovative artificial intelligence solutions for higher education to empower educational institutions, anticipate and mitigate persistence challenges and ensure students' academic success. For more information, visit 

About Aliat Universities 

Aliat Universidades, the network of universities with the largest coverage in the Mexican Republic, is made up of 7 educational institutions committed to offering academic quality to its students, with the possibility of acquiring early work experience and the work skills demanded by companies. It offers an educational model of equivalency of subjects that allows the mobility of classroom and online study, as well as a compatible curriculum between some degrees so that students can obtain a double degree. The Aliat network is comprised of more than 28 campuses ranging from the north of the country to the south.

It is present in 13 states with an enrollment of nearly 50,000 students, under a cutting-edge and innovative educational model that is differentiated by its quality, accessibility and relevance, which allows the early incorporation of its graduates into the labor market, taught by professors with professional and teaching experience. The educational offer is nourished by a wide variety of programs starting from high school, undergraduate and online degrees, and postgraduate degrees in its 7 faculties: Law and Social Sciences, Business and Administration, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Engineering and IT, Design and Architecture, and Education. For more information, visit:


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