Marketing Analytics


Optimize your marketing efforts and investments. Take it to the next level.

Customer Profiles and Segmentation


Customer Segmentation is the principal basis for allocating resources and extracting maximum value from high and low-profit customers. We can use simple demographic data and advanced clustering segmentation to:

  • Divide market into meaningful and measurable segments according to customers needs, behaviors, demographic and social profiles.

  • Determine the revenue potential of each segment and targeting segment according to their profit potential and your ability to serve them.

  • Tailor product, service, marketing and distribution strategies to match the needs of each segment.

  • Measure performance of each segment and optimize your segmentation approach over time.

Marketing Mix


Quantify the potential value of all marketing inputs and identify marketing investments that are most likely to produce revenue growth.

  • Use predictive analytics to optimize future marketing investments to drive growth in sales, profits and share.

  • Balance short-term marketing and promotion tactics with long term brand building needs.

  • Optimize allocation of traditional media vs. digital media and determine the synergies between the two with marketing modeling.

  • Determine which media vehicles and campaigns are most effective at driving revenue, profits, share and consumer segments.

  • Quantify the ROI of improving marketing effectiveness in terms of sales and profits.

Campaign Performance


Most likely you are doing more than one type of promotion – from email campaigns, to paid search (cpc), to social media, display advertising and also offline channels like TV, radio, billboards, and print. It is very difficult to know which channels, campaigns or sequence of touch points contributed to qualified conversions and sales. Knowing what triggered each response would enable you to assess whether or not your marketing efforts are getting the best results.

Along with you, we can build attribution models that use sophisticated algorithms to sort out the effect of each form of advertising and assign credit to every touch point in a campaign lifecycle. We calculate the impact of ads at different stages of the purchase process, for example, which might begin with a display ad that generates brand awareness, continue with a keyword search and proceed through conversion (purchase).

Product Portfolio Optimization


Production portfolio optimization maximizes the mix of products being marketed to optimize revenue.  We help you understand which product combinations are being purchased together by your customers, and in what sequence.


Understanding the product combinations and the strength of these relationships is valuable information that can be used to make recommendations, cross-sell and upsell, offer coupons and promotions. 

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