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Use the latest tools at your reach to minimize student attrition and maximize revenue and profit. 

Student Attrition - Predictive Model


A common problem faced by educational institutions are dropout students, or students who quit. In response to this problem, we've developed a Solution to assess students risks.


Rational: In most cases it is more efficient, in terms of costs, to focus efforts on keeping the current base than to attract new students. This is why retention strategies remain an extremely important topic. Some of the benefits include:

  • Predict how and when a particular student will dropout.

  • Make informed strategic decisions to reduce defections.

  • Detect the most valuable deserters to the institution, and formulate actions to recover them.

  • Increase efficiency in campaigns aimed at retention.

  • Define targeted campaigns to win more valuable students in the future.

Higher Ed - Marketing Mix Modeling


Quantify the potential value of all marketing inputs and identify marketing investments that are most likely to produce revenue growth. Universities invest substantial amounts of their budgets in order bring the best students.

  • Use predictive analytics to optimize future marketing investments to drive growth in student recruitment and minimize attrition.

  • Balance short-term marketing and promotion tactics with long term brand building needs.

  • Optimize allocation of traditional media vs. digital media and determine the synergies between the two with marketing modeling.

  • Determine which media vehicles and campaigns are most effective at driving requests for information, enrollments, and "valuable" students.

  • Quantify the ROI of improving marketing effectiveness in terms of revenue and profits.

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