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Cognitive Mining ™


Does course content align with goals and objectives? Are competencies fully covered and assessed? Is there content that could improve course quality? Is there existing content that could be used in the course development process? These are questions that few, if any, institutions can answer with complete confidence.

Cognitive Mining allows institutions to analyze their courses to ensure alignment, searchability, and reusability of content. The process starts with federation and ingestion of course syllabi, content, and assignments, then utilizes Cognitive Search and Machine Learning to align these materials with goals, objectives, and competencies. Once completed, institutional stakeholders have a 360-degree view of all content in the university. This information can then be leveraged to create new materials that fill in identified gaps or increase the rigor of existing coursework. From a compliance perspective, this analysis allows institutions to provide accreditors with a complete mapping of learning objectives and related learning materials and assignments.



“Student success means more than just reducing drop-outs […] This new initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to proactively identify potential trouble spots for each student before they impact academic progress to help ensure the best possible learning outcomes.”


Dr. Wallace E. Boston, President - American Public University.

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