Career Planner 


Earning a certificate or degree is just one step toward securing career goals. Successful employees have numerous hard and soft skills beyond degree requirements. That is why employers worldwide spend billions of dollars annually to help employees acquire necessary competencies

Career Planner is based on the premise that while career paths may be similar, individual differences demand personalized solutions. The process starts with understanding each student’s career goals and objectives and previous academic history to develop a persona. Next, our AI engine compares the persona with labor market data, as well as other sources such as LinkedIn, to create an individualized career target., that aligns experiences and goals against desired career objectives.

Once courses have been semantically analyzed, the outcomes are then mapped to the career target, creating an individualized plan for each student. Notably, the system also helps students and advisors understand when potential combinations of demanding courses might cause students to become overwhelmed and suggests alternative course-taking pathways.

Leveraging the power of Career Planner, Smart Scheduling allows students to receive personalized schedules that are aligned with their objectives, through the use of AI-based career counseling algorithms and enroll with just a few clicks. Each semester, students will be guided along a pathway that is intended to help them achieve their career goals and enhance employability. Institutions see decreased advising costs and are continually updated on future course demand.



“Student success means more than just reducing drop-outs […] This new initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to proactively identify potential trouble spots for each student before they impact academic progress to help ensure the best possible learning outcomes.”


Dr. Wallace E. Boston, President - American Public University.